Quo Vadis, Action Recognition? A New Model and the Kinetics Dataset

Joao Carreira, Andrew Zisserman


Proceedings: CVPR

Year: 2017

Peer Reviewed : Yes

HMDB /HMDB Eval: 66.4% (Two-Stream I3D, ImageNet pre-training)
HMDB /HMDB Eval: 80.7% (Two-Stream I3D, Kinetics pre-training)
UCF101 /UCF101 Eval: 93.4% (Two-Stream I3D, ImageNet pre-training)
UCF101 /UCF101 Eval: 98% (Two-Stream I3D, Kinetics pre-training)
Kinetics /Kinetics-val: 71.6% (Two-stream I3D on test set)
Kinetics /Kinetics-val: 74.2% (I3D on the test set (w. ImageNet pretraining))